Star Trek: Picard episode four recap: A fan favourite character joins Picard’s crew

About this episode

– Episode four (of 10), ‘ Absolute Candor’
– Written by Michael Chabon
– Directed by  Jonathan Frakes

Spoilers comply with

On a desert planet referred to as Vashti, Picard visits a number of the Romulan refugees he is been serving to to resettle. This was 14 years in the past, when he was nonetheless an admiral with Starfleet. He meets with Zani, the chief of a bunch generally known as the Qowat Milat – Romulan warrior nuns and, as we be taught later, enemies of the Tal Shiar. They’re taking care of a boy, Elnor, whom Picard appears to have a passion for. He reads to him from The Three Musketeers and so they get pleasure from a spot of play-fencing. Then Picard receives a name from Raffi: synths have attacked Mars.

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